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Water, water everywhere... You could be forgiven for thinking you’re in the Seychelles as you splash in the crystal clear waters of stunning Shoal Bay.

If you love being near the water you’re gonna love Port Stephens... there’s a lot to love!

Sunrise at a deserted Zenith Beach with the perfect wave; picnicking at Little Beach while the kids jump off the jetty; snorkelling at Fly Point and discovering an underwater wonderland; or kayaking on water as still as glass...

Birubi Beach Anna Bay



With 26 beautiful beaches to choose from you'll never be short of a place to swim, surf, walk or just relax in Port Stephens.

We literally have a beach for all occasions.  Just minutes from Treescape we have probably some of the more spectacular beaches in the area plus we are at the gateway to the amazing Stockton Dunes (Worimi Conservation Lands)

which can be accessed from Anna Bay (5 minutes drive from Treescape)

Samurai Beach

Walking access through the back gate of Treescape (See park map for access gates) - An easy 10 minutes walk to the dunes or 4WD access only along Samurai Beach 4WD Track which is adjacent to the property.

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Please note that this is a designated free beach (clothing optional) by NSW Government but is shared by a mix of all users, surfers, swimmers, families. This beach is NOT patrolled so please take care when swimming. You can also walk across the rocks to the patrolled One Mile Beach for a safe swim, this is a very popular beach during Summer.

One Mile Beach

Walking access through the side gate of Treescape (See park map for access gates) to Northern end of One Mile Beach - and easy 15 minutes walk through the bush OR you can take a 2 minute drive from the resort to the patrolled end of One Mile Beach where its safe to swim between the flags with plenty of room for surfing and sunbathing.  There is also a kiosk, showers and toilets here.

Boat Harbour

If you are looking for a calm water beach then why not try Boar Harbour Beach. Just  2/3 minutes drive from Port Stephens Treescape.  Its a lovely calm bay great for the little ones.  Limited parking but has showers and toilet block and a kiddies play area.

Some great footage of the beaches beyond out backfence - One Mile and Samurai Beach and the Boat Harbour Headland.


Birubi & Stockton Beach, Anna Bay

Without doubt the most spectacular of the Port Stephens beaches and only 5 minutes drive from Port Stephens Treescape.  Here you'll find the gateway to the dunes,where you can pick up a sand dune tour, camel or horse ride.  A rocky headland with views across the 32km of Stockton Sand dunes you can enjoy lunch and a coffee at the licensed Crest at Birubi, this is also a great place for whale watching during the winter.

The rocky end of Birubi Beach has calmer waters and rock pools which are great for a relaxing swim and to explore.  This is an excellent spot for snorkelling too.  There is a skate board parks situated here and a fresh water shower.

The main Stockton Beach runs on from Birubi and is patrolled during the summer season and is a haven for surfers and swimmers alike.  This beach can get rough and care needs to be taken to swim between the flags.

Find out about 4WD Beach Permits  for Stockton Beach

Inner Bay Beaches

For those of you not wanting the thrill of the waves can we suggest you try some of the calmer beaches in the Bay - Dutchmans Bay, Wanda Beach, Shoal Bay, Little Beach, Bagnalls Beach (Dog Friendly no restrictions on hours) are the more popular ones or you could venture over to Taylors Beach to enjoy a peaceful beach without the crowds.  All these are with a 10 minute drive from Treescape.

Find out more about the 26 Port Stephens beaches.

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