Wildlife Rescue Emergency NumbersDecember 11th, 2015

Wildlife Injuries

Emergency Contact for injured native animals.

What to do if you find a sick or orphaned native animal

For small native animals (eg bird, possum, lizard, tortoise) throw a blanket or towel over it to immobilise it, then quickly scoop it up and put it in a ventilated box and cover it. Keep it warm, quiet and undisturbed to minimise shock. 

 Take it to a vet or call the Wildlife In Need of Care ph: 1300 946 295 

Larger animals may be too dangerous to handle (kangaroo). Keep an eye on the animal, protect it from further harm and call the Wildlife In Need of Care ph: 1300 946 295.

For Koalas if it is an adult keep an eye on the animal and try and stop it from climbing a tree, if it does, keep track of it. Otherwise approach it from behind and throw a blanket or towel and keep it warm and prevent movement. 

For joeys keep warm by wrapping in soft cloth and tucking inside your shirt close to your body to stop it panicking. Take to the vet or call the Hunter Koala Preservation Society on ph: 0418 628 483.

Never attempt to give sick, injured or orphaned native animals food or water. This is dangerous for any animal in shock or under stress. Native animals need specialised food only.