Our Koalas

Looking for KoalasWe were lucky to have expert Koala spotters staying at Treescape at the moment. Jacob and Jye have honed their Koala spotting skills and now have a very high success rate which they are aiming to increase throughout their stay. They expertly pointed out a mum and baby who were relaxing in the trees near the tennis courts this morning. So in true Treescape tradition they have aptly named them Sneaky (Mum) and Cuddles (baby). Have you spotted a Koala during your stay at Treescape? Send us your pic or load it up onto our facebook page 


Here's a message from the President of the Hunter Koala Preservation Society to whom we owe a big thank you on behalf of our Koala Friends.

"My name is Sue Swain and I'm President of the Hunter Koala Preservation Society. We recently rescued a sick koala from the property. We named her Valli after one of your guests and treated her for two weeks for Chlamydia. She is now fully recovered and has been released back at the property.

While releasing her we spotted a mother and back baby stroll into the bush right beside us, so I have attached some photos of them as well for your Facebook page. Thanks heaps for calling us. If she had been left any longer without treatment her outcome might have been very sad. The early we can treat them the better the result. Thanks Sue Swain"


Mature aged female, rescued at One Mile, weighing 6800grams.

Panya had been hit by a car and Fran was told by observers, that the tyre had gone over her abdomen. She was taken to Rod Starr looking a little worse for wear with grazes to her face and thighs. We were told to watch for urination in case of internal injuries. Her grazes were treated with Terramycin. It was wonderful to get a One Mile girl of her vintage with no disease. Panya was wonderful to look after with a lovely kind nature and was very tollerant of my bumbling around in a most trying week! Would love to thank Annie for her guidance, it was a great boost to my confidence.

Panya healed very well and her output was fantastic. She even was happy to be a guinea pig to some new leaf I found, that turns out to be Tallow wood.

Rod had already microchipped Panya, so when Sue came home, she agreed that due to her wonderful recovery, weight gain of 140grams and expressions of "let me out" she was ready for release.

On Tuesday night, Panya took to the trees in a lovely location at Treescapes, healthy, happy, jumping and eating! Kind regards Simone



As you know Port Stephens is one of the few areas left on the East Coast of Australia who still have a koala population and we would love to keep it that way. You can help in a number of ways:- 
The more we can get the word out the better. 
Thank you in advance for any help you can give us. 
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